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turnerround comic

Thunderbirds are Go!

Can International Rescue save an atomic airliner from blowing up as it lands...

Tracy Island is home to Jeff Tracy and his five sons. Set in the South Pacific, it is not just a paradise, it is also the secret base for International Rescue.

It is the year 2065, and the world is thriving on remarkable engineering projects and technological innovation. Leading Scientists are advancing with new food products for the over populated cities which are advancing skywards with new taller buildings. Enemy agents will steal the secrets of new technology at any cost and sell to the highest bidder.

The latest atomic airliner Fireflash, is to undertake it's maiden flight from London to New York, but an enemy agent named, The Hood has been planted a bomb in the landing mechanism. Under the Hood's trance, his half brother, Kyrano has revealed that International Rescue are ready to start operating - and The Hood want's the secret of International Rescue to sell to the highest bidder. The Fireflash crew attempt to dislodge the bomb without success. Then an attempt to winch a man aboard from another plane fails almost costing the man his life. If the airliner tries to land it will certainly explode, and in just over two hours they will all receive a fatal dose of radiation - and on board is Kyrano's daughter, Tin-Tin. The satellite receiving station of Thunderbird 5 sends all relevant information to Jeff Tracy, who launches International Rescue on its maiden mission.

Thunderbird 1 is first on the scene with Scott who assesses the situation. With Virgil the pilot of Thunderbird 2, they set up a plan to land Fireflash with its landing gear up coming to rest on 3 high-speed mobile elevator cars.

As the plan is about to succeed one of the elevator cars develops a fault and the landing is aborted at the last second. Time is running out, the safety factor for exposure for radiation has elapsed. Fireflash makes a second approach and lands safely on the three elevator cars, but as Virgil applies the brakes the tyres overheat and start to explode leaving Fireflash running out of runway. Suddenly Virgil in the master control vehicle goes out of control and crashes. With the nose of Fireflash alive with sparks the airliner slides towards the end of the runway and disaster. It begins to slow and stops with yards to spare.

International Rescue has pulled off its first daring rescue and Thunderbirds Are Go!

Thunderbirds, Tracy Island, Gerry Anderson, Jeff Tracy. Scott Tracy, Virgil, Alan, Gordon, John, The Hood, Brains.
Kyrano, Tin Tin, Thundrerbird 1, Thunderbird 2, Thunderbird 3. Thunderbird 4, Thunderbird 5, Lady Penelope, Parker, FAB.