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turnerround comic

Honey West

...a private investigator with a difference!

Honey West is a private investigator. She is single, blue-eyed, blond and a judo/karate expert. Honey sports a distinctively sexy mole on her lower right lip and a wardrobe that runs the gambit from black jumpsuit's to stylish and exotic fur ensembles. She drives a sports car and always looks classy.

After Honey's father died, she inherited the private investigation firm of H. West and Company. The firm's rough and tumble partner, Sam Bolt stayed on to help Honey run the business. And, while Sam pursues Honey romantically, Honey's only true love is action, adventure, and of course, her beautiful pet ocelot, Bruce.

During investigations, Honey and Sam do discreet surveillance in a van labeled H.W. Bolt & Co. TV Service to monitor and subdue her suspects.

Honey uses an arsenal of tools and gadgets. They included an exploding compact, a garter belt gas mask, teargas earrings, a lipstick microphone and martini olives camouflaged as radio transmitters. Honey also keeps a cache of weapons in her secret office that is hidden behind her apartment living room wall. Honey keeps a .38 revolver in her purse and a backup derringer stashed somewhere on her shapely feminine frame.

Honey West was an early production by Aaron Spelling. Filmed in 1965, episodes were for half an hour, quick paced with good story lines. Anne Francis was excellent as Honey. The show had won awards and there was talk of a second series, but the Avengers in the UK was being produced in colour and was bought by the network. It replaced Honey West. Such a shame.

Honey West, Sam Bolt, Aunt Meg, Private Investigator. Aaron Spelling, Burkes Law, Anne Francis.