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turnerround comic

The Hulk

A teenager is about to be blown to bits...a scientist saves him...but turns into a super-hero monster...

It is 1962 and a new super hero is about to be born. Doctor Bruce Banner, nuclear scientist is about to launch an experiment on a new bomb...The Incredible G Bomb. But a wayward teenager, on a bet, drives within the range of the bomb. As Bruce Banner rushes to save him, the bomb is exploded, and Bruce takes the full force of gamma rays.

Hours after the explosion, Doctor Bruce Banner stands like a statue, not a flicker of a muscle or eyelash on his face. Somehow he has survived the force from the incredible G Bomb, receiving the full impact of gamma-rays. But as light turned into darkness Banner's head begins to throb, the Geiger counter close by, clicking ever louder and louder, his shirt begins to tear, he can stand the pain no more...he has changed into, half man, half monster...he has changed into, The Hulk.

Written and drawn by the great team of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.

I think The Hulk is a great comic character, so menacing, but on the odd occasion could be so gentle. For a short time teamed with The Avengers; was best in his early adventures on the comic scene.

Made into a tv series in both cartoon and live action and feature films. The only way to do justice with The Hulk is to grab his comics and have a monster time reading.

Appeared in Fantastic comic from issue 70.

the hulk, doctor bruce banner, the avengers, fantastic comic, stan lee.