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turnerround comic

Dan Dare

Pilot of the Future!

Dan Dare, the icon of the Eagle comic, one of the best comics ever produced, was so popular in the 1950's and 1960's. Creator, Frank Hampson.

FULL NAME: Daniel McGregor Dare. Born in Manchester, England in 1967. Attended Harvard and Cambridge Academies. Colonel Dare is strong willed but compassionate. Has been known to give his enemies a second chance.

TITLE: Colonel, Space Plot Class 1, Interplanet Space Fleet.

DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: Dashing good looks; tall and athletic, satanic eyebrows.

FIRST APPEARANCE: The Eagle comic Number 1, April 1950.

ARCH ENEMY: The Mekon of Mekonta, Lord of the Treens.

Dan Dare was to face many enemies over the decades in the Eagle comic. And by his side was his faithful companion Digby, full name, Albert Fitzwilliam Digby, Spaceman Class 1.

The Mekon was his greatest enemy and Dan always took particular delight in defeating his plans. But The Mekon always managed to escape to fight another day.

In 1977, 2000AD comic, Dan Dare came with a new face and made him a far more rougher and tougher hero. So it was great to see Dan return to his original handsome looks when Eagle comic was re-launched in 1982.

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