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turnerround comic

Victor Annual 1968

Inside: Alf Tupper: The Tough of the Track!

Here is another great Christmas annual for me, from 1967, and one of the best Victor Annuals ever.

As you turn the cover the excitement begins to grow, starting with aviations, Record Holders Of The Air. Next is a fantastic war strip, The Merville Mission. Engaged in a daring task, the men of the 9th Parachute Battalion are sent hours before the troops land on the Normandy beaches for D Day. There job to destroy the big guns at Merville to assist the landing forces.

That's just for starters. The main course is full of the favourites of the day, Morgyn The Mighty, Braddock V.C. and The Tough Of The Track; as Alf Tupper works late into the night just before a big race, he falls asleep at the local baths. Waking stiff, he travels to London racing three great runners to see who can smash the mile world record.

One of the best picture stories is, The Sleeping Tiger. Set during the winter of 1944 as the allies push the Germans into Belgium. The Westshire Regiment, are out on patrol when they make contact with an American patrol at a local village. Private Sam Calder notices they are really Germans in disguise, gives the warning and they battle to escape. Sam finds another patrol, but they leave him as he sleeps and Sam has to battle his way back to his own lines.

A suttle blend of adventure, war and sporting stories in picture and story format. The menu served is of high quality. One of the best!

victor annual 1968, alf tupper, morgyn the mighty, braddock v.c., the sleeping tiger.