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turnerround comic

Fireball XL5

On Patrol, from Space City is Fireball XL5, commanded by space astronaut, Steve Zodiac. With Steve is Venus, the beautiful doctor of Space Medicine, Professor Matthew Matic, inventor and scientist and Robot the Robot, co-pilot. They patrol Sector 9, and are ready to defend their home planet and investigate any situation that might occur.

Back in Space City, Commander Zero is ready to order Steve and the crew of Fireball XL5 on any mission to save Earth. Assisted in the Control Tower by Lieutenant Ninety, seemingly always on the receiving end of Zero's quick temper. Also on hand is Jock the engineer and always in trouble is Zoony the Lazoon found by Venus on an early adventure.

Here is one of the most successful Gerry Anderson Productions. I remember the series so well as a youngster of six. Supercar had been good, but Fireball XL5 was even better. The characters had great individual personalities. Steve was strong, cool under pressure, a great Astronaut. Doctor Venus, voiced by Sylvia Anderson, what a sexy voice! She was caring and showed fondness to all, especially her Lazoon, Zoony. Professor Matic, a little eccentric, a great inventor, helped Steve on most of his missions. Steve would listen to the Professor.

Robot the Robot was brilliant. A revolution at the time. Voiced by Gerry Anderson himself. Was not cool under pressure. Would literally blow his top, with steam coming from the top of his head. Zoony the Lazoon, found on his home planet by Venus, always in trouble, endangering missions and lives. Commander Zero, what a strong character, ready to lose his temper, did not like to be told what to do. Lieutenant Ninety, how on earth did he put up with Commander Zero. Would constantly be found muttering under his breath, always about the Commander.

Thirty-nine episodes were produced. Shown first in 1962, with a fantastic opening sequence with great music. And filmed in the new format of, Supermarionation. My favourite episode is the penultimate one, Space City Special, directed by Alan Pattillo. Just watch it and all the episodes for great entertainment of the highest quality. Out on DVD, and complete with all episodes. Go on, get out there and buy it. I promise you - you won't be disappointed.

Fireball XL5, Gerry Anderson, Steve Zodiac, Venus, Robot the Robot. Professor Matic, Commander Zero, Lieutenant Zero, Zoony, Space City.