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turnerround comic

The Steel Claw

Louis Crandell uses his invisibility to fight crime, aliens and wrong doing all over the globe...

Louis Crandell is a young hard faced assistant under the watchful gaze of the scientist Professor Barringer. Crandell uses a prosthetic metal right hand - he had lost his original in a laboratory accident.

Barringer is about to launch an experiment on a new form of ray for medical purposes. As the scientist pulls the master switch there is an explosion with Louis Crandell receiving a high voltage electrical shock which sends him invisible except for his artificial hand.

Initially, Crandell has gone insane and becomes a psycotic crimimal even threatening to blackmail the world. But over time his madness wears off; he turns full circle and decides to become a champion of fighting crime. He uses his temporary invisibility to his advantage during years of fantasic and thrilling adventures against criminals and even aliens from other worlds.

It is October 1962 and the first issue of Valiant comic. The Steel Claw is amongst a great line-up, and for just over a decade his great adventures, beautifully drawn are blasted onto the pages of this great comic.

They really are some of the best adventure stories ever written.

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