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turnerround comic

Steed and Mrs Peel are special agents who avenge...

One of the most successful British TV series of the 1960's, ran for over 160 episodes from 1961 to 1969. Started out with Ian Hendry in the lead role, with Patrick Macnee as his assistant. Doctor David Keel witnesses the murder of his fiancee, and is assisted by government agent, John Steed to track down the killer.

Honor Blackman as Cathy Gale, a widowed, martial arts expert in black leather (made her famous) became Steeds first female assistant. Diana Rigg as the beautiful Mrs Emma Peel, recently widowed, an aristocrat and trained fighter, was John Steeds second assistant. Finally the more feminine Linda Thorson as Tara King, a professional secret agent. I must say my favourite is Emma Peel. At ten years of age in 1966 I did have quite a crush on Diana Rigg. There is the famous episodes when the baddie is pointing a gun at her, so she starts walking towards him clicking her fingers repeating, 'give me the gun.'

In the early days some episodes was broadcast live from the studios, then in 1965 ABC TV changed the format to film process and subsequently transformed the series, being sold to America. Made Diana Rigg a star. I think The Avengers was a great action series. A bit like a mature James Bond, more sophisticated with a beautiful assistant. Patrick Macnee as John Steed was perfect in the role. Always looking smart and cool under pressure, we knew he was a secret agent but it wasn't till the later series that we found him reporting to MOTHER for new cases.

The Avengers was also very popular in TV Comic in the 60's and early 70's. The first story began in 1965 in issue 720 with Mrs Peel. Ran for a short time in Diana Comic, then returned to TV Comic in 1968 until 1972. There was some great Avengers Annuals released, I have one with fantastic stories and artwork. Get one if you can! The Avengers is still very popular today and can be found on DVD. It's nice to sit and relax and watch a great entertaining series with action, humour and sophistication. Today's television is sure lacking in this.

The Avengers, John Steed, Emma Peel. Patrick Macnee, Diana Rigg, Brian Clemens, TV Comic.