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turnerround comic

Here is the beginning of The Mighty Thor...

Doctor Don Blake is on holiday in the mountains of Europe. During a mountain hike he comes across some strange rock like creatures. Fleeing his persuers, Blake falls on the mountain-side and manages to crawl into a local cave. Thinking he cannot escape the aliens, he leans against the wall of the cave which slowly opens into a secret chamber. There in the middle of the stone room is a wooden stick, an old ancient cane. Trying to move a large boulder for his escape, Don Blake becomes angry and strikes the cane against the large rock. Bathed in a blinding light, the cane turning into a mighty hammer and Doctor Don Blake turns into, The Mighty Thor.

It is August 1962, and yet another great super hero is to be launched from the pen of Stan Lee. Drawn by Jack Kirby, it is the Mighty Thor.

Great stories, with plenty of emotion. Thor's relationship with Odin, his father is often fiery. Plus on many occasions he does battle with his half-brother Loki. Was one of the original Avengers.

And there is Don Blake's love for his nurse Jane Nelson. Will he ever tell her how he feels 'cause Jane is falling for him as Thor! (Nuff said!)

Appeared in all 89 issue of, Fantastic comic. Thor's great adventures continued in, Smash and Pow incorporating Fantastic.

Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, The Mighty Thor, Dr Don Blake.