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turnerround comic

Here we are!

A fab website about British adventure story books for youngsters!

'Hello' and a big welcome to my pages on some of the classic and best authors for childrens books - from adventure in the skys with Biggles to outer-space with Professor Lucius Brane and the crew of The Spacemaster as they try to save a dying race on the planet Mars.

Also we find a group of five youngsters known as, The Five Find-Outers with their dog Buster as they solve mystery after mystery in the small hamlet of Peterswood much to the annoyance of local policeman, Mr Goon.

And the very best stories of boarding school life at Linbury Court and the hilarious antics of two of the resident pupils, Jennings and Darbishire.

Plus - let's not forget the growing group of adventurous youngsters, David, Peter, Mary, Dickie and Tom as they form the Lone Pine Club - they're determined to have lots of adventures.

There was a time when I was always reading and as a youngster I would hunger for more and more adventures. My appetite was getting bigger and bigger, and I would save my pocket money to buy more and more to quench my thirst.

My favourite authors are Enid Blyton : Anthony Buckeridge : Captain W.E.Johns and Malcolm Saville.

I still read childrens books today and find them just as thrilling in my mature years.

anthony buckeridge, enid blyton, malcolm saville, capt w e johns.