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turnerround comic

Man in a Suitcase

...he travels the world fighting the establishment.

John Mcgill is an ex CIA agent disgraced and thrown out because he was wrongly accused of treason.

Mcgill now offers his services world-wide as a private investigator and he travels the world with his suitcase fighting corruption and the establishment. He is brash, there is no frills with Mcgill, he has a quick temper, takes punches, and always comes back fighting with the will to win.

Another great series from the ITC stable, created by Dennis Spooner and Produced by Sidney Cole, shown first in 1967 and 1968.

Richard Bradford was perfect for the role,he had that cockiness about him, arrogant, with a strong willed personality, could be rough with both men and women. So different to the Saint or the Baron. He even smoked more!

The story-lines were top class and the acting supreme.

Man in a Suitcase, John McGill, Private Investigator, Richard Bradford. Sidney Cole, Dennis Spooner, 1960's.