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turnerround comic

The Strange Report...a retired criminologist solves some baffling cases.

Adam Strange, a retired Home Office criminologist would be called in by the police or government departments to solve some of their most baffling cases.

Ably assisted by a young American student of science, Hamlyn Gynt, known as, Ham and the beautiful Evelyn McLean an Archaeologist, "Evie" for short. And we must mention the London Black Cab driven by Adam. Fare enough!

Such a great show from the late 60's with quality story lines and acting and production values and a great signature tune by Roger Webb. The three main characters gelled so well together with their wit and fun. Sixteen episodes was produced for the first series and the series was successful! But the producers wanted to carry, The Strange Report to the United States - but alas two of the main characters did not want to travel. So sadly the series was axed...Such a Tragedy!

Starred the experienced Anthony Quayle from many great films, Ice Cold in Alex is one of my favourites, Anneke Wills of Doctor Who fame, and the little known Lithuanian-born actor, Kaz Garas.

The Strange Report, Adam Strange, Hamlyn Gynt, Evelyn McLean. Anthony Quayle, Anneke Wills, Kaz Garas, London taxi.