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turnerround comic

Winker Watson...

The Chief Wangler of Greytowers School!

Forget the Desperate Dan Annuals or The Bash St Kids, why oh why didn't D.C.Thomson, produce a Winker Watson Annual?

He is by far one of my favourite Dandy characters and is so funny. I like the way he takes control and wangles his way through the most amazing wheezes.

He always got the upper hand of Mr Creep, sometimes including his brother Wallie and Robin Broodle the millionaire's son.

The best Winker Watson stories are from the 1960's and 70's. He did have a short spell in the Sanatorium being cared for by Matron.

When let out after a few years, Winker returned looking smaller, with shorter stories.

Never mind; his early school days at wangling are by far the funniest.

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