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turnerround comic

The X-Men

Five mutants with special powers are taught to use them for the good of mankind...

Five mutants born with special powers, beyond the merely human, summoned together by Professor Xavier, taught to use their special powers to protect a world that both hates and fears them!

Cyclops - Scott Summers, the leader of the 5, emits, at will a deadly laser blast that can kill. Has to control his power with a visor and always has to wear special glasses.

Angel - Warren Worthington The Third, blonde and dashing aristocrat, with wings he has to strap firmly to his back, a danger to all enemies when in the skies. A true lady's man, in love with Jean and he lets Scott know.

Marvel Girl - Jean Grey, with the power of thought to be able to move objects at will. Unknown to the boys, assists Professor X with his work.

The Beast - Hank McCoy, a gentle giant with a great sense of humour, with fantastic agility in his twinkle toes and impressive strength.

Iceman - Bobby Drake, an impulsive youngster, always getting into trouble, quick and agile, can send a chill down any enemies back with his ice cold torpedo missiles.

Professor Xavier - wheelchair-bound scientist. Realised the world was not yet ready to accept those with special powers, so built the school for X-Men. A mutant, possibly the first, born of parents who worked on the first A-Bomb. Can read and project thoughts into the brains of others. Became wheel-bound some years before in the Himalayas of Tibet, trying to destroy the evil Lucifer. Xavier's legs were crushed under a massive stone slab. You can read the story in Fantastic comic, number 39. Arch enemy is Magneto.

The Mimic - Cal Rankin, a mutant under experimentation by Professor Xavier, to see if he could combine the powers of all five X-Men into one. When super heroes get close to him, he can mimic their powers. Was eventually thrown out of the school by Xavier for being disruptive, but had a final battle to save the X-Men against The Super-Adaptoid. Great story in Fantastic, No 56.

One of my favourite comic super heroes. Another great Marvel comic, started in 1963, written by Stan Lee and drawn by Jack Kirby. The concept is so good. Mutants roaming the earth, with special powers, that some don't want. Professor Xavier finds them and trains them at his special school so they can use their powers for good. Still so popular today. The films are very good, which includes new characters from the originals.

My favourite X-Men is Cyclops. Such a strong character with all that power, but in the early comics you see him with all his weaknesses.

The X-Men Ran for all 89 issues of Fantastic comic.

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