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turnerround comic

Fantastic Comic

One of the greatest line-ups of Super-Heroes ever...

This is truly a Fantastic comic. Issue number 1 was 18 February 1967, published by Odhams Press Ltd. Classed as A Power Comic, other comics included, Pow...Smash...and Wham. The sister comic to Fantastic called Terrific would arrive shortly.

And like it says on the front cover of issue 1. THIS PAPER NAMED ITSELF. THERE WAS - THERE COULD BE - NO OTHER WORD FOR IT.

What a great line up of Marvel, Super Heroes including The Mighty Thor - The X-Men and The Invincible Iron Man.

Tells the tales of how Doctor Don Blake, while on holiday in the mountains of Europe discovers, by accident an ancient cane, and becomes, The Mighty Thor.

The X-Men, are showing off their powers to Professor Xavier as new recruit, Jean Grey is about to join the private school for mutant youngsters. They are in preparation to do battle against their greatest foe, Magneto.

Tony Stark, Scientist and Inventor, is sent deep into the jungle; fatally injured and captured by the communist guerrillas, Stark has to build himself an iron suit to live. He smashes his way out of the jungle, destroying all enemies in his path. The Invincible Iron Man is born.

I was gripped by this great comic. I was so eager every week to carry on the great stories about our Super Heroes. Included in the comic, there was Johnny Future comic strip, - FANtastic FANmail with Alf and Bart. And for the latest news on Power comics, there was, news from the floor of 64. And on the back, there was great artwork with, A Power House Pin-Up.

Issue 51, announced that Fantastic was joining with Terrific comic, so there was a new line up of Super Heroes. Alongside The X-Men and The Mighty Thor from Fantastic, there was, The Avengers and Doctor Strange from Terrific. Issue 70, saw the inclusion of The Incredible Hulk. Doctor Bruce Banner is transformed after taking the full force of a G-Bomb blast. Tells the, Origin Of The Hulk. Sadly issue 89 was the very last Fantastic and Terrific. Fantastic was incorporated with Smash and Pow, and only The Mighty Thor was to continue his adventures. A very sad day for all Fantastic Fans!

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