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turnerround comic

Here it is!

Classic TV Programmes from a golden decade!

Welcome to my pages dedicated to some of the greatest TV programmes from the 1960's. We had the best TV action programmes for all the family. The characters had great personalities and the stories was of the best quality.

I started watching avidly from the early years of the 1960's. This is my favourite decade. At the beginning you had some great western series, like Bonanza and Rawhide.

As the decade progressed you found more action and adventure series.

Remember these, The Saint and The Baron. Gerry Anderson produced some classic Supermarionation puppet series, Fireball XL5 and Thunderbirds.

Also, let's not forget some of the best, Science Fiction programmes, which included, Lost in Space, The Time Tunnel and Star Trek.

I will be reviewing all of these and more. So get excited, because I am to produce the pages.

Please click on as many as you want and take a fantastic adventure down memory lane.

The Hood, Kyrano, Ray Barrett, Thunderbirds, Gerry Anderson. Thunderbird 3, Alan Tracy, Gerry Anderson, Thunderbirds.