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turnerround comic

Star Trek...

'these are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise'...

Star Trek is now legendary, with countless tv series and films. They all came about from the very first series started in 1966 in America.

Before that there had been two pilot eoisodes. The first one, The Cage had Captain Christopher Pike at the helm with a Science Officer from the planet Vulcan named, Spock.

Where No Man Has Gone Before, was the second pilot and slotted in as an early episode. We see a new captain for the Enterprise, James Tiberius Kirk with Mr Spock, the only member of the crew still on the bridge.

The Enterprise boldly went on it's missions in space for 5 years, meeting countless aliens including, The Romulans and The Klingons who would come back to do battle in later years with Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise.

Admiral Kirk is no longer in command of the Enterprise, but he seeks through some daring star-date adventures to regain his rightful place on the captain's seat, on the bridge of his beloved ship. He does, but at the lose of family and friends along the way.

Star Trek still captures the imagination today with a massive cult following all over the world. Created by Gene Roddenberry. Watching the first series is such a joy. Some of the stories are top drawer, with some great acting. You can see humour and camaraderie along the way.

And now we have had two new Star Trek films, directed by the very talented J.J.Abrams. The adventures will go on and be legendary for ever.

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