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turnerround comic

Classic Super Heroes from across the water!

It was 1967 and alongside my regular comics at that time, Tiger and Hurricane and Victor I noticed a new comic on the shelf called Fantastic. It was a British comic, and it's fantastic pages introduced me to the flavour of some great super heroes from across the water, The X-Men, The Avengers, Thor, The Hulk and many more.

I thought the stories were top drawer, and there was a human side to them which involved personal relationships.

I will be reviewing all of these comic characters and the fantastic, Fantastic comic.

All my super heroes come from the Marvel stable of comic characters; written by the creative Stan Lee and drawn by the superb, Jack Kirby.

So, all I will say is get browsing - just click on the character of your choice, and enjoy some great facts and pictures of my all time greats of: American Super Heroes.

cyclops, the x-men, fantastic comic. iron-man, tony stark, the avengers, fantastic comic. thor, dr don blake, odin, loki, fantastic comic. bruce banner, the hulk, the avengers, fantastic comic. peter parker, spiderman, pow comic.