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turnerround comic


Some great adventures with an eleventh century wizard and a young boy.

Catweazle, to me was an imaginative and creative series for the new decade of the 1970's. It told the story of a scruffy eccentric eleventh century wizard who becomes trapped in the twentieth century when a spell to evade persuading Norman soldiers goes wrong. He befriends the local farmers son called Carrot, and they have the most wonderful comical, fantasy adventures as Catweazle has to find a way to return to his own time.

Catweazle, has a likeable sense of wonder, almost childlike, bewildered by the technical trappings of the modern age in which he finds himself. Every day objects he finds fascinating, like a light bulb which he calls, "electrickery". It seems roles are reversed as Catweazle has to be helped from madcap situations by his young assistant.

So well written by the gifted, Richard Carpenter, who went on to make the highly successful and very funny, The Ghosts Of Motley Hall.

Geoffrey Bayldon gave a captivating performance as the eccentric wizard, so funny with bags of energy. Robin Davis was brill as the young assistant in the first series.

Catweazle, Carrot, Geoffrey Bayldon. Richard Carpenter, Robin Davis, Look-In Comic.