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turnerround comic

The Worlds Most Powerful Mechanical Man!

The great, all powerful and conquering Robot Archie was a great comic character for me. I first read his adventures in the 1960's Lion comic.

Built by Professor C.R.Ritchie. The world's most powerful mechanical man was sent out into the jungle with the professors nephew Ted Ritchie and his best friend Ken Dale to fight oppression.

Just like with all new technology Robot Archie has evolved over the years. To begin had no mouth and could not speak, was remote controlled and incapable of action without direction.

The three adventured all round the world, seeking out treasures and fighting dangerous opponents including aliens.

The adventures continued when Archie discovered a time machine which looked like a giant chess piece. He last appeared in 1974, spanning three decades of fantastic adventures.

robot archie, lion comic, ken dale, ted richie