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Land of the Giants

The date is June 12 1983, Spindrift, a commercial spaceship has set off on a routine sub-orbital flight from New York to London with three crew members and four passengers aboard who witness being drawn through a fantastic space warp that crashes them onto a planet identical to Earth.

It is not long before they realise everything is giant size with their time spent avoiding capture by the police, scientists, thief's and people who want to exploit them for their own end. Top priority is to evade capture, find materials to repair Spindrift and return to Earth. Can they Succeed?


They soon find how difficult the task is. And it is Steve and Mark who disagree most on plans for their escape from this Giant World. Steve is the pilot of Spindrift and feels responsible and Mark is a brilliant engineer. They must find the right materials to repair the craft: but this world seems 50 years behind in technology. The two girls Betty and Valerie seem to be unable to avoid capture by the giants. Chipper, young Barry's dog is always getting his owner into trouble, Dan the co-pilot has good ideas and Commander Fitzhugh, exploits his companions predicament for his own end.

I was in my early teens when Land Of The Giants was first screened on British TV in the late 60's. I thought it was a great action series with a great cast of characters and very good stories. Produced by the legendary Irwin Allen who also produced, Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea, Lost In Space and The Time Tunnel. Land Of The Giants was his most costly. Even so, most of the actors performed their own stunts. Don Matheson who played Mark and Deanna Lund who played Valerie, fell in love on set and were married towards the end of the series.


Land of the Giants