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turnerround comic

Iron Man

Tony Stark races against time to build himself a suit of armour which can save his life...

Anthony Stark, the son of Industrialist Howard Stark, demonstrated his mechanical aptitude and inventive genius at the early age of just fifteen. When twenty-one, he inherited his father's business. Within a few years it was a multi-million dollar industry, mainly in contracts for weaponry, for the U.S. government.

While in Vietnam, Stark trips on a booby trap and shrapnel is lodged in his chest. Taken captive by the Communist leader Wong-Chu, Stark was told the shrapnel would penetrate his heart within a week. Wong-Chu offered Stark a deal. If he built them a powerful weapon, Wong-Chu would save his life with an operation. Unknown to his captives, Stark built himself a suit of armour, powered by electricity and equipped with heavy offensive weaponry. The armour also included a pacemaker device, which would enable his heart to keep beating after the shrapnel had entered it. With his new suit fully charged, Stark managed to flee his captives, and with the help of a U.S.Marine destroyed a Communist Rocket Base. Thus...Iron Man was born!

It is March 1963 and a very human Super Hero is about to be born. And it is because he is dying that Tony Stark, builds himself a suit of armour, so he can live - he becomes the invincible Iron Man. Once again a great Marvel character from the pen of Stan Lee with human frailties. Over the years Tony Stark's armour was adapted, became more lighter and versatile.

Iron Man is one of the original Avengers. Was instrumental in the organization of the World Intelligence and Law Enforcement Agency of SHIELD. Ran in Fantastic comic from the first issue, until it joined it's sister comic, Terrific.

In 2008 a new Iron Man film was released with Robert Downey in the lead role. Pretty impressive with more films following.

Must say I really enjoyed the Mighty Avengers film, Avengers Assemble, Iron Man was pretty impressive in that!

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