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turnerround comic

Aliens from a dying planet plan to take over our world...

It is a few minutes past four on a lost Tuesday morning. David Vincent, architect, is on a long journey, he is looking for a short-cut home. Tired, he pulls into a lonely deserted diner, turns the ignition off and falls into a deep sleep.

David is wakened by bright lights and pinching his eyes awake, he witnesses the amazing sight of a flying saucer landing in the distance.

Act I...David goes to Lieutenant Holman of the local police, who doesn't believe his story. Holman contacts, David's business partner, Alan Landers, to take him home. But David will not go till they see for themselves. They notice the diner has changed it's name from Bud's to Kelly's. A newly married couple travelling through in a camper-truck have seen nothing, but David is suspicious. He notices the man has a protruding index finger. David returns that evening to question the couple, but they are leaving in a hurry. The man gets angry and fights David and in the struggle the man begins to glow. He runs off into the camper-truck and the couple drive the vehicle straight at David....David wakes in a hospital bed, bruised and shaken. He begins to doubt he is actually in a normal hospital but thinks the invaders have abducted him. David is delirious as they try to sedate him, he escapes into the corridor and sees Alan and the police Lieutenant, running towards him. David collapses.

Act II...Alan Landers, business partner of David Vincent has sent David to another hospital to recover from a car accident. That is what he has been told. David still try's to convince Alan about the aliens. Taking David home that night, Alan has found the name and town of the young couple at the diner; Mr and Mrs Brandon from Kinney. At his apartment that evening David is woken by fire and smoke and sees an old lady looking on at the door. He jumps from a window and tells the fire crew about the old lady. They go in but can't find her. David knows the invaders are watching him. He walks away.

Act III...David Vincent on the trail of the Brandon's, drives into their home town of Kinney, population 12, includes two dogs and a Siamese cat. He stops at the town's hotel and the owner Mrs Adams tells him she does not know the name, Brandon. David realises he is on the trail of the invaders. Mrs Adams tells David the town is being bought by an investment group owned by Mr Kogan, who has recently had the State close down the local Hydro Electric Plant on the edge of town. David goes to visit the Power Plant, breaks in and finds evidence that it is being used by aliens. But he has set off an alarm to the main Kogan Enterprises building over 20 miles away. They immediately send a truck with aliens to investigate. David phones Alan and pleads that he comes straight away to witness the evidence. Alan agrees.

Act IV...David Vincent is waiting for his business partner, Alan Landers to arrive at Kinney, to witness evidence he has found about the invaders. David confides in the local hotel owner, pretty Kathy Adams and they wait for Alan to arrive. It is dark as Alan Landers arrives at Kinney. He almost knocks down an old woman in the middle of the road. She is an alien. She tells Alan, David will meet him at the Power Plant....Talking to Kathy, David begins to get suspicious, she turns the juke-box on loud. David gets close to her and realises she is an alien. He goes running out to see Alan's car parked at the hotel.... At the Power Plant the gates are open with a large truck parked on the side. Alan descends a spiral metal staircase to a large floor below. He sees two aliens moving large plastic tubes, and as he moves back to the staircase, Alan is caught by the aliens who place him under a tube, which lowers giving out a strong glow. Alan screams his last breath....David arrives at the Power Plant exhausted, shouting for Alan. Then he sees a flopped down arm on a wooden crate. He moves round and sees Alan's body slumped on the crate. He checks his pulse. Alan is Dead! David hears a noise, he turns round, only to be knocked over the head by the butt of the gun of the town's sheriff.

Epilog...David Vincent is standing outside the sheriffs office handcuffed. His friend and business partner, Alan Landers is dead, ready to be taken to the morgue. Suddenly a police car turns up and Lieutenant Holman steps out. The Lieutenant greets the sheriff he hasn't seen for five years and turns to David Vincent and tells him, Alan would be alive today if he hadn't believed his crazy dreams. The Power Plant is clean. Coroners report says Alan died of a heart-attack. Holman tells the sheriff to release David. The sheriff tells David never to return....will this nightmare ever end? David vows to fight on, he must convince a disbelieving world the truth about....The Invaders.

This is the story of the first episode, Beachhead. Produced by Quinn Martin in America, the series ran for a further 42 episodes before finishing. And there was no conclusion. David Vincent is still fighting the invaders. A very good adventure action series with great stories. Ran in the UK first in 1967 and 1968. In the UK was seen in story format for a short while in TV Tornado comic in 1967.

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