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turnerround comic

Magnus Robot Fighter

4000 A.D.

I was first introduced to Magnus Robot Fighter exploits in 1967 when he first appeared in issue 7 of TV Tornado. Magnus in fact made his comic debut in 1963. Set a further 2000 years in the future it tells the story of one mans fight against a planet ruled by robots and the dictators who made them. But how did Magnus become the great crusader!

Magnus was born into a world of robot slaves, immense in quality which made man lazy. The robots were getting restless and some were getting ready to break free and dominate their past masters. But there was a unique emotional robot who could foresee the problem ahead. And this robot was named 1A.

1A decided to train the young boy, Magnus, and raise him in total isolation from the rest of humanity. He trained Magnus to be an expert in martial arts, able to smash steel robots with his bare hands. He implanted a receiver into Magnus' brain, enabling him to secretly listen into robot to robot radio communications. When ready, the robots protégé was introduced to human society. With his training Magnus could see where man was going wrong. He made his home in the city of North Am and began his war on rogue robots.

This is the destiny for Magnus, a great struggle to defeat the power of the robots.

magnus robot fighter, tv tornado, leeja, north am, robots.