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turnerround comic

Brassneck...a metal friend for Charley Brand.

Charley Brand was like no other boy, he had a special friend, one made out of metal and his name was Brassneck.

Brassneck was a walking, talking marvel with a brain and body stuffed full of electronic parts. He was Charley's special pal and together they made an unbeatable partnership.

He had been built by Charley's brainy Uncle Sam and it was Charley who gave the metal boy his name.

One of the best characters to come from the pages of the Dandy comic. Brassneck started in 1964 and was so well drawn with great stories.

Brassneck was always getting Charley into trouble, but came up trumps to save his friend from any situation.

I found the character of Brassneck so interesting, in fact I used to wish I had a metal pal to help me at primary school in the 1960's. Has been reintroduced in the Dandy in recent years and is in glorious colour in the 2013 Dandy Annual; still good, but my era from the 60's was the best.

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