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turnerround comic

The Baron

...a passion for antiques can lead to danger!

John Mannering is a Texan rancher, purveyor of the Baron brand. But his passion is for fine arts and antiques with established exclusive shops in Washington, Paris and at his base in London.

Sometimes, The Baron works undercover for Templeton-Green of the British Intelligence Service. Assisting him is the beautiful agent, Cordelia Winfield posing as his assistant. They travel the world involved in many adventures as international crime fighters.

John Mannering drives a beautiful light brown Jenson CV8 car, registration number BAR 1.

The Baron was a fantastic television series of the 60's - greatly under-rated. A production from ITC created by Robert Baker and Monty Berman and produced by Monty Berman. It had a great theme tune and opening credits, and the stories are very good. Mostly written by Dennis Spooner and Terry Nation. The list for their TV shows are endless. And the Jensen car would purr like a pussy cat. Shown in 1966 and 1967, there was thirty, fifty minute colour episodes produced.

Steve Forrest was perfect for the role. Good looking, mature, with elegance in his manner. Born in 1925, Steve was forty when he moved to London with his family to film the series. Younger brother of film star, Dana Andrews, Steve got the acting bug after serving in, World War II.

My favourite episode is.... Enemy Of The State. On an undercover mission for Templeton-Green, the Baron is prevented from keeping an appointment behind the Iron Curtain in Eastern Europe. Cordelia undertakes the mission to hand over the money, but is caught by the police and branded an enemy of the state. John Mannering has to instigate a daring plan to secure her release. Can he succeed?

The Baron, John Mannering, Cordelia, Templeton Green. Steve Forrest, Sue Lloyd, Monty Berman, Terry Nation, Dennis Spooner.