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TV Tornado Annual 1967

Inside: Bonanza in The Cartwright Way!

This is the first of four TV Tornado Annuals: and is by far the best. Produced in 1967. In glorious colour, full of the best picture strip and stories on tv programmes of the day.

Starring, The Saint, Tarzan, The Man From Uncle, The Green Hornet, Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea, Bonanza, and much more...Started with Flash Point by Ed Storm with interesting facts on stars of television, film and programmes of the day.

And there was, Dan Dan The TV Man by Denis Gifford - a madcap character who would anything to get on television, with hilarious results.

Here are a few of the stories inside this great annual to get you interested.

The Phantom The Ghost Who Walks in The Web Of Spidera. It is the sixteenth generation of The Phantom. Two people are on a dangerous expedition in the deep jungle to find a giant spider. The pilot of the seaplane breaks a propeller and is thrown over a waterfall. With the plane sinking, the pilot is rescued just in time by The Phantom. Learning the reason for the expedition, The Phantom on Devil his horse races against time to find the two adventurers before they meet their doom. Great picture strip story.

Magnus Robot Fighter 4000 Giant From Planet X. Magnus battles a giant robot on the rampage destroying everything in it's path. Can Magnus save North Am from total annihilation.

Simon Templar is The Saint in The Silver Chute. Simon Templar a dashing young adventurer is in Las Vegas enjoying the high life on the gambling circuit when he comes across a slumped body in a casino. The man has been poisoned! This starts a great adventure for The Saint as he has to stave off an attempt on his life, find the mystery lady known as the Countess and uncover a large heist of stolen goods.

Overall this is a great TV Tornado Annual. The written stories are top class and the art work is professional. Blends so well together with nice features on stars of the day, and a good one on, Weapons Of The Invaders; relating to a new sci-fi programme from Quinn Martin, starring Roy Thinnes as architect David Vincent. Finally a great game which I would play for hours on end called, Grand Prix.

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